Outsourced Call Center: Save American Jobs by Domestically Outsourcing

A call center plays an important role in your business.  It serves as the central means of communication – the vital link – between your company and your customer base.  In the past, traditional call centers required significant capital investments in both real estate and technology and were very expensive to operate and maintain.  In an attempt to lower operational costs, many businesses over the past few years have outsourced their support services to call centers located outside of the United States.  As a result, the quality of customer care has decreased and customer satisfaction rates have fallen considerably.  A domestically outsourced call center offers a modern day, cost-effective alternative that provides businesses greater balance between meeting their customer care requirements and achieving high customer satisfaction.

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Increase Employer, Employee, and Customer Satisfaction Using An Outsourced Call Center

Outsourced Call Center in the CloudUsing cloud-based software specifically designed for an outsourced call center, employees can sign in and work at home rather than having to commute to a physical location.  Not only does this provide workers with numerous benefits and contributes to lower employee turnover rates, but also gives employers greater control over their workforce management.  As employers would no longer be restrained by geographical limitations, they can hire more selectively – and strategically – to ensure that coverage needs are being met, which results in higher customer satisfaction rates.

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Direct Interactions Will Help Set Up Your Outsourced Call Center

For the past 10 years, the customer care and call center solutions experts at Direct Interactions have helped companies of all sizes from small local businesses to large corporations.  Our dedicated team of specialists have the knowledge and expertise to help your business gain a competitive edge using an outsourced call center.

Our goal is to provide clients with the most cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solutions to help promote the same socially-responsible business practices we believe in.  At Direct Interactions, we proudly offer military families and people with disabilities legitimate work at home job opportunities.

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Social Responsibility

A domestically outsourced call center helps businesses keep jobs in the U.S. and gives military families and people with disabilities the opportunity to work at home.

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Work at Home

If you have previous experience working in a call center and want to work at home, please make sure to learn about the various job opportunities available at Direct Interactions.

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Hiring Military Families and People with Disabilities

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