We help customer-obsessed organizations deliver outstanding customer calls with our highly-skilled, emotionally intelligent, US-based agents

We’re on a mission to deliver:

Great ROI

As your business changes, so does our service. We provide cost-effective, scalable call center services built in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

Our services…

Outstanding Customer Experiences

We believe that happy agents deliver happy experiences, so we hire specifically for high emotional intelligence to curate a team of empathetic agents focused on customer satisfaction (CSAT).

Our services…

A Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate social responsibility is part of our DNA. Our partnerships with service providers like Provail and Neurological Vocational Services help people with disabilities find meaningful employment.

More about what makes us different

direct interactions employees with disabled worker handling calls
About Direct Interactions

About Direct Interactions

We’re an award-winning, outsourced call center provider.  DI’s active employment of people and veterans with disabilities has been recognized by government and philanthropic organizations alike.  It is a full representation of a diverse environment from all walks of life.  Our 100% remote workforce of both full-time and part-time agents eliminates costs associated with on-site contact centers saving our clients money.