If your company has reached a point where you know a change is needed around how you handle customer service, then you’re faced with an intimidating choice.

outsource customer serviceYou can either invest your time, energy, and resources into substantially expanding and improving your customer service operation internally, or you can outsource customer service to a qualified vendor who has the knowledge, resources, and expertise to handle customers for you.

Here are 7 things to look for when deciding on whether or not to outsource your customer service:

1.) Rapid Growth with Lagging Capacity

When a company is in a strong or rapid growth phase, it’s not uncommon to feel that it’s growing faster than you can keep up with. These kinds of growing pains are normal, but if they aren’t dealt with, they can become major headaches that have the potential to bring your company’s growth to an untimely halt.

One of the most common areas where this can occur is in customer service, and the results can be disastrous. Poor customer service can quickly result in lost clients, which ultimately hurts your company’s bottom line. This is when outsourcing to a qualified vendor makes the best sense.

2.) Current Employees Are Overworked

Maybe your company is young enough that you haven’t developed a robust internal customer service function. Companies often assemble teams using internal employees who don’t have the knowledge (or even the desire) to work with customers. Outsourcing to a qualified vendor will allow your employees to focus on their primary work responsibilities, which they were hired for in the first place.

3.) Saving Money Is a Priority

When you think about what’s involved in creating a customer service department from scratch, or overhauling your current system, the costs can be substantial – you must continually recruit, hire, and train employees. In addition, you’ll need to implement new systems, procedures, and costly software to manage it all. Outsourcing can resolve these issues without needing to invest a whole lot of time or money.

4.) Customer Service Expertise Is Needed

If your company’s customer service function has been struggling (or even non-existent), hiring a knowledgeable and experienced provider to assist your valuable customers is an absolute necessity; they will help keep customers satisfied and loyal to your brand. All too often, quality customer service is the missing ingredient in a company’s overall recipe for success.

5.) You Want the Flexibility to Scale As Needed

Your company’s customer service needs will most likely change over time, especially if there’s a seasonal aspect to your operations. If you’re internalizing this function, scaling up or scaling down to meet with the fluctuating demands can prove to be difficult.

Instead of having to initiate a new round of recruiting, hiring, and training when you need to scale up, all you’ll need to do is contact your vendor and they’ll be able to handle the rest for you.

6.) 24/7 Coverage Needs

It’s one thing for your company to offer customer service during regular business hours, but if what you really need is 24/7 coverage, providing this coverage internally might be beyond what your company can support. The right provider will be able to offer the coverage you’ll need at a fraction of what it would cost to do it internally.

7.) You Want Better Technologies

If you’ve determined that excellent customer service is an important part of your company’s operations moving forward, take a long, hard look at whether you can commit to (and afford) the latest equipment, software, and ever-changing trends in customer care.

The best third-party vendors have made it their business to stay current on all things related to customer service, and your company stands to benefit by outsourcing this vital function.

To Sum Up

Customer service doesn’t have to be a barrier holding your company back from achieving greater success.

If you’re looking to outsource customer service, pay attention to the 7 signs lis above, and if one or more of these starts becoming an issue, you’ll know it’s time to consider outsourced customer service as a viable, cost-effective option for your company.