About Direct Interactions

Humanizing the customer contact experience with our inclusive team of American call agents

We’re not like any other call center service company. In fact, we’re not like many other service companies in the US. We are focused on two key pillars of our business:

  1. Oustanding customer experiences for our clients is what makes our business tick
  2. Our highly-skilled, diverse workforce from across the US are emotionally intelligent, talented professionals that know how critical the customer experience is to your business success

It’s pretty simple to us: Treat your employees well, and they will, in-turn, treat the call center requests well. We’ve been in business since 2007, and we’re committed to long-term relationships with our employees, our clients and their customers.

The Direct Interactions Team

A short movie about the diversity of our team at Direct Interactions (~2 min.)

A short movie about the call quality auditor, Bob Brookens of Direct Interactions (~5 min.)

Leadership Team

Matt Storey, Founder & President

Matt founded Direct Interactions in 2004 with a vision of putting widespread, high-speed internet access to work to create home-based work opportunities for Americans with disabilities and people who had a NEED to work from home.

His background in enterprise communication software helped form his vision for what is possible when the right technology is deployed in service of service. In the aftermath of 9/11 Matt worked with America’s airlines to help them with their stranded and often scared customers. In fact, crisis management and leadership are in Matt’s family tree – his Grandfather was a founding member of the NAACP.

Matt is responsible for culture and corporate social responsibility activities of DI. His commitment to finding the best people to overserve DI’s clients demonstrates his commitment to the mission. He also leads the relationships with technology partners like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, and Kustomer as well as nonprofit partners in supported employment.

Matt is board president of Neurological Vocational Services, a unit of Harborview Medical Center and served for six years on the board of the King County Division of Developmental Disabilities. He has been a recognized as a though-leader in inclusive employment for over a decade by Governors, County Executives, and Mayors around the country.

Matt is a member of Rotary and in Seattle where he and his wife Kim enjoy sports, travel and fellowship at their church.


Jonas Nicholson, CEO

Jonas has been a life-long advocate for diversity and inclusiveness. He has had a passion for revealing the talent and abilities of people too often overlooked since before his professional career began. With a background in enterprise technology and call center outsourcing, Jonas helped Microsoft deploy their first foreign centers in Bangalore, India as part of Aditi in the 1990s.

Finding ways to use technology to create opportunities for underserved communities has been the primary focus of his 20+ year career. His ability to bring diverse coalitions of humans together in service of a common goal has won him and Direct Interactions recognition from the Washing State, New York City, and various philanthropic organizations.

His expertise and deep understanding of how to weave people, process, and technology together to make organizations more effective has served DI since joining in 2007 and accepting the role as CEO in 2009. He has enjoyed a successful partnership with Matt Storey – growing the company in revenue, number of total customers – and most importantly creating work opportunities for their growing team of diverse agents, supervisors and managers.

He lives in his parent’s basement with his imaginary cat and spends his free time drinking wine and talking politics with a local herd of deer.


Awards & Recognition


  • AtWork! Partner of the Year Award
  • Neurological Vocational Services Employer of the Year Award
  • Letter of Recognition from City of Seattle Mayor Ed Murray – In Recognition of Creating Employment Opportunities for Developmentally Disabled People


  • PROVAIL: Corporate Partnership Award


  • Community Employment Alliance Outstanding Employer Award
  • Neurological Vocational Services Employer of the Year Award


  • Certificate of Appreciation from the Governor’s Committee on Disability Issues and Employment