best jobs for veterans

5 Best Jobs for Veterans

Veterans leaving the military make excellent employees in a variety of workplace settings.

The skills that are developed in the military can translate to positions in every industry, but what are some of the best jobs for veterans these days?

Here are the 5 best jobs for veterans you may not have considered yet:

Cybersecurity Analyst

Cybersecurity experts work to protect organizations’ computers and networks. To be an effective cybersecurity analyst, the individual must constantly be on patrol and looking for potential dangers.

Veterans with backgrounds in computer-related fields are in high demand in the private sector because they’ve already proven their skills in the military field.

Onsite Security

Whether you need a team of security guards for a large facility, or a single onsite security person at a reception desk, veterans make excellent candidates for such positions.

If you need a team, veterans are accustomed to working as a cohesive unit and can manage more complex sites with ease. A single veteran at a reception desk is capable of monitoring situations and using personal judgments to make the correct decision.

Veterans are uniquely capable of maintaining the professionalism required as onsite security and are capable of taking appropriate action when the situation warrants it.

Human Resource

Every company has personnel needs, and veterans have experience working with others and following procedures.

Everyday tasks include paperwork, organization, and computer skills, while occasionally a human resource manager will mitigate personal conflicts.

Human resource managers must have excellent communication skills and be willing to listen.

Skilled Trades

Any company that includes manufacturing can include veterans. Many veterans are adept at using their hands and can fill positions in various capacities.

Careers in carpentry and building trades, masonry, welding, machining, plumbing, electrical, and mechanics are all excellent opportunities for veterans.

Some of these trades are the same veterans perform when working in the military, and that can make the transition to civilian employment smoother. But even veterans who have no experience in the skilled trades can take advantage of training programs and make excellent employees in one of these areas.

Customer Service

Careers in customer service can be high-pressure positions, and it takes a certain personality to sell, or troubleshoot. Veterans who have experience in communication can transition to sales roles with relative ease.

The ability to speak clearly and effectively are excellent qualities to have as a salesperson. And a customer service representative who handles concerns or complaints needs to remain calm in high-pressure situations and do their best to appease customers.

To Sum Up

An essential component to hiring veterans for private sector employment is to find the right fit.

Matching the skills of the employee with the needs of the company takes time and effort, but it’s well worth it to find an employee who’s dedicated and skilled.