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Why Is the Traditional Home Office Disappearing and What’s Taking Its Place?

What’s causing the traditional home office to disappear and what’s taking its place? Recent figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that 24% of employed people did some or all of their work at home. You can chalk this up to shrinking square footage and the rise of open floor plans which are blurring defined spaces. These days, all you need to work is a laptop and Wi-Fi, which can exist pretty much anywhere. But why are workers shunning formal offices? People who were interviewed described feeling “trapped,” “tucked away,” and “stuck.” So where do they work then? Well, the options are endless, from easy chairs to dining tables and beyond. It all depends on your home’s layout.

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Article Source: Realtor.com

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Survey: Remote Workers Feel Exceptionally Productive, yet Guilty at the Same Time

According to a recent survey, remote workers believe managers and colleagues view them as lazy and out of touch, while at the same time, research shows they feel exceptionally productive. And nearly all of the respondents (~98%) said collaborative technologies make it easier to build relationships with co-workers. Jeanne Meister, founding partner of Future Workplace and co-author of The Future Workplace Experience said: “Remote workers have fewer distractions and report they can accomplish more in the same amount of time … employees working from home log 4 more hours per week than their office counterparts … remote workers are more likely to spread their work throughout the day, from starting work earlier to working after business hours.”

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Article Source: SHRM

starbucks to hire more veterans

Starbucks Vows to Hire 25,000 More Veterans and Military Spouses by 2025

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz made a new vow to hire 25,000 more veterans and military spouses by 2025. This announcement was made after having reached a goal to hire 10,000 earlier than expected. Schultz also promised to open 100 more stores across the US that will be especially welcoming and supportive of military communities. The chain also plans on hiring 100,000 younger employees who are either not in school or unemployed, building on a commitment to hire 10,000 by 2018. The announcement to hire more veterans comes after a social media backlash when they announced hiring 10,000 refugees in response to President Trump’s executive order. Some have argued that veterans should be hired instead, however, many weren’t aware that the company already had a veteran-hiring program in place since 2013.

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Article Source: Fortune

hockey player supports military

Why NHL All-Star Brent Burns Fights for Military Families

Brent Burns of the San Jose Sharks is not just one or the most colorful players in the National Hockey League — he’s one of the best. He won the NHL Foundation Player Award in 2015 for his support of active military members, and was a finalist for ESPN’s Sports Humanitarian of the Year Award in 2016. In his interview with GOOD, he said: “We have a luxury suite for military families at every Sharks home game … It’s important for them to know how much everybody respects and thanks them for what they do, the sacrifices they make — not only with their lives in some cases, but all of them sacrifice their time and family life, missing so much with their kids. All of that allows us to play a game we love and make a living doing it.”

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customer service satisfaction

Common Small Business Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid

Most business owners have little-to-no strategy when it comes to their customer support system. Because of this, they unknowingly send new customers to competitors. Failing to train employees properly at every position in your company is a huge mistake, so make sure to specifically address customer service do’s and don’ts during training. Also, train employees to maintain positive interactions with your clients by remaining empathetic to their situation. Lastly, secure repeat business for your brand by maintaining a social presence that is reachable by customers on multiple platforms; ensure that employees have a solid understanding of how to conduct themselves throughout these interactions.

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Disability Pride Festival

Inaugural Disability Pride Festival Marks New Orleans’ First Celebration of Disability Pride

A new festival has the potential to shine a greater light on people with disabilities. People with disabilities, their friends, families, and allies will gather at New Orleans’ first celebration of disability pride — the Disability Pride Festival. Festival outreach coordinator, Timothy K. Craft, says it’s important for allies to step back and listen to the voices of such self-advocates when doing disability rights work. “Self-advocacy is really about understanding that people with disabilities know their lives, they know their experiences, they know what their needs are, and they know how to meet them. There are so many voices out there of people with disabilities speaking their stories. All you have to do is look for it and listen.”

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reducing stress

25 Easy Ways to Lower Stress Levels

Almost everyone walks around in a constant state of stress in the modern workplace. While moving fast and getting things done is exhilarating, it will cause you to burn out and make yourself sick if you never slow down. We as workers are so stressed because our mindset around work is outdated. We are in the ‘Knowledge Economy’ now, where ideas are more important than tasks, but we just can’t accept it. Instead, we still operate under a ‘Machine Age’ mindset where accomplishing one more task is the single most important thing. Well, it’s not. Take some simple steps to lower your stress levels, and stop trying to beat the clock to smash through items on your to-do list. Here are 25 simple ways:

Article Source: Forbes