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Slack Unlike Other Tech Companies When It Comes to Hiring

Tech companies rarely include information about how many people with disabilities they employ, and Slack is changing things up. Since its last report in February 2016, their workforce has more than doubled to almost 800 employees across five countries. They also changed the way data is presented to more in line with the methods required by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In addition to people with disabilities, Slack included the aspects of a diversity report that many of us are familiar with, such as racial demographics and a gender breakdown across technical, non-technical and leadership roles.

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Article Source: TechCrunch | Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

7 life-changing lessons

Life’s Greatest Discomforts and Adversities Shape, Define Who We Are

“With each day I became more humbled by the almost superhuman attitude of these kids. They had pretty much everything I cherished taken away from them. And not in a slow degenerative process they had time to think about. Each one had suffered their spinal cord injury in either a motorcycle or diving accident; most during the summer before going to college — the transition from youth to adulthood. One day they were frolicking with friends, diving into a swimming pool, riding with the wind in their face, and the next day they were incapable of scratching an itch.”

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Article Source: Inc.

intellectual disability

HUWE1 Protein Impacts Intellectual Disability Through Nerve Cell Communication

Scientists from the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have shown that a protein helps balance nerve cell communication. An imbalance in the excitatory/inhibitory ratio is a central feature of many neurodevelopmental disorders, which occurs through gene overexpression, or a loss of gene function. Your brain needs just the right balance between excitatory ‘on’ signals, and inhibitory ‘calm down’ signals. “Our study is the first to identify a defect in neuron communication caused by altering the activity of a gene called HUWE1, which causes intellectual disability,” said researcher, Brock Grill.

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The HECT Family Ubiquitin Ligase EEL-1 Regulates Neuronal Function and Development (PDF)

Article Source: Z News


call center fraud spiked in 2016

Call Center Fraud Rising at Astronomical Rates

Call center fraud is rising at an astronomical rate. Pindrop found fraud rates soared 113%. That has resulted in a fraud rate of 1-in-937 calls in 2016, when compared to 1-in-2,000 calls in 2015. According to the report, one of the catalysts for this growth comes from attackers’ enhanced skill in social engineering to coax information, or inadvertent nefarious action, out of call center employees. The discovery of new spoofing and voice distortion technologies also gives criminals the advantage. David Dewey, director of Pindrop Labs, said: “Reaching a call center and speaking with an agent provides the fraudster with an upper hand. A call center agent’s job is to provide quality customer service and not stop fraud.”

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2017 Call Center Fraud Report (Pindrop Labs)

Article Source: DarkReading

starbucks new veteran hires

Starbucks’ Military Family Stores Staffed Primarily by Veterans and Military Spouses

The Starbucks on Fort Campbell Boulevard in Clarksville, TN became one of 37 around the country designated by the coffeehouse chain as “Military Family Stores.” These are stores staffed primarily by veterans and military spouses as part of a larger effort to employ service members and their families nationwide. The stores also serve as communal hubs where current and former service members can connect, share stories, and become part of a larger support network. In addition, many stores designated as Military Family Stores have also joined the “Adopt a Military Unit program,”where store partners sponsor units and send care packages to active military deployed overseas.

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Article Source: Fox News

department of veterans affairs

An Interview with Veterans Affairs’ New Chief Customer Officer

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is an agency with over 300,000 employees, and a mission to provide benefits, health care, and other services to millions of veterans. Two years ago, the VA’s brand suffered due to a series of scandals and disability claims; they were being ranked among the worst-performing brands. They responded by creating a customer service wing within the agency headed by its first-ever chief veteran experience officer, Tom Allin. Allin was recently replaced by Dr. Lynda Davis, who is now in charge of customer service. In an interview with Nextgov, she discusses her new role and what priorities she plans to focus on in the coming months.

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Article Source: Nextgov | Image Source: JeffOnWire via Flickr

autistic savant

Unlocking the Hidden Potential of the Human Brain

In 2002, Jason Padgett was mugged outside of a karaoke bar. He had suffered a serious concussion but didn’t know it, until the next morning when he saw “lines emanating out perpendicularly from the flow” when he turned on the bathroom faucet. After the incident, his perception had completely changed. He became infatuated with fractals, pi, and all of the shapes he found in his house. He had acquired an exceedingly rare condition — savant syndrome — where only around 70 people in the world so far have been identified with. It can occur in one of two ways: either through an injury that causes brain damage, or through a disorder, such as autism.

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Could a “Thinking Cap” Help Us Learn? (YouTube)

Article Source: The Big Think