We redefine the customer service experience one call at a time.

Follow the Amazon.com model and make sure your business is customer-obsessed — building trust, improving retention rates, and strengthening your brand with each interaction with your clients.

Every interaction is an opportunity to positively impact others. We’re a call center outsourcing company that builds customer service teams who know the true meaning of caring for others.

Our distributed workforce of work from home customer service agents balances coverage and adapts to fluctuating demands effortlessly. This ensures an adaptive, consistent, and cost-effective customer service solution for your business.

We’re focused on working with those who’ve required personal care themselves or provided care for others; including people with disabilities and military family members.

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Our Core Services

A little about our call center services:

  • We’re unlike any outsourced call center solutions provider in the United States – utilizing a home-based employee model
  • Our focus is providing our clients call agents with the highest degree of emotional intelligence
  • We pride ourselves on our diversity and inclusion – with our staff comprised of at least of at least 30% people with physical disabilities
  • We are very selective in our hiring practices which translates to the highest retention rate in the industry. We believe happy employees make happy call agents and that means great customer experiences for our clients.
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Public Sector Call Center Services

Part of our 13-year history is steeped in service to public sector organizations.  Ranging in size from the City of New York to the City of Bothell,WA, we understand the demands on public sector organizations and have the experience to navigate the proper methodologies to deploy call center services in order to alleviate the demand on existing resources.

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Disaster Repsonse Call Center

Given the recent Covid-19 novel corona virus, we know organizations are more overwhelmed than ever.  We have a highly-skilled team ready to help alleviate call center volume spikes.  Nearly as simple as flipping a switch, we can turn on our cloud-based call center solutions (built in the AWS cloud) in order to scale up to meet the demands that your organization is experiencing.

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Outbound Call Services

Often overlooked due to resource contraints, outbound call services can be a way to extend your brand’s connection with the customer. ‘Thank you’ calls, ‘How are we doing?’ calls, and Survey Calls are all excellent ways to let your customers know that you care about the relationship and are vested in providing them the best possible experience.  Many organizations are too resource-constrained to do this type of proactive business intelligence gathering, so why not outsource it to our expert call agents?

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