Disaster Response for Call Centers 

The proliferation of COVID-19 reminds us that building resiliency and enabling agents to work from home is critical.

Assessing potential risks and building a plan to address readiness deficiencies BEFORE it’s needed will almost certainly help avoid common missteps. The following represents our approach to providing essential customer service solutions in a 100% remote environment.


Our four-step approach to providing disaster response readiness:

1. Staff Resources:

  • Deploying a distributed workforce to balance coverage that can easily adapt to fluctuating client demands.
  • Providing a reliable and cost-effective customer service solution for your business with our 100% remote team of US-based agents.
  • Maintaining an experienced staff of trainers, supervisors and administrative specialists designed to meet and exceed customer service metrics.

2. Agent Performance:

  • Track Key Performance Indicators to increase agent productivity
  • Seek feedback to measure customer satisfaction
  • Continue training to address customer needs in a rapidly changing environment
  • Provide support and resources at every level to promote superior customer service
  • Monitor quality standards for coaching opportunities
Call center operations manager using tablet

3. Message Control and Crisis Communication:

  • We provide agents with near real-time communication through a virtual office workspace with critical information and updates to address our customer’s needs.
  • With a dedicated channel for communication, we protect accuracy and promote timeliness to receive and disseminate client-related information.
  • Our agents are supported to handle crisis calls with readily available resources, subject matter experts and navigational tools contained within a central hub to ensure efficiency.

4. Technology Resources:

  • We streamline quality assurance with artificial intelligence to ensure accuracy, empathy and kindness for those affected by emergency or catastrophic events.
  • Our business analytics services provide interactive visualizations to gauge the success of each inbound incident call type.
  • Using scalable cloud-based call center services, we connect agents from across the US to provide reliability and availability to our client’s customers.