Outbound Call Center Services

When was the last time a company took the time to call and inform you that an item was placed on backorder, or perhaps just wanted to hear your thoughts on their products or service?

Most companies these days rely on more impersonal communication methods, such as email, text and automated phone calls in lieu of personalized phone interactions and, as a result, customer relationships – and brand loyalty – never fully develop.

Our outbound call center services are designed to build, strengthen and maintain customer relationships. We can help differentiate your company from the competition by leveraging the power of the phone call!

Here are the outbound call services and solutions we currently offer:


Thank-you calls
Customer service & experience campaigns
“How are we doing?” calls
Surveys Shipping Confirmation
Upselling/Cross-selling Lead generation
Donor Calls


Facebook Likes & Shares
LinkedIn Follows
Unique Site Visitors
Conversion Rates
Customer Feedback
List Scrubbing/ Data Updates

How We Do It

Expertly-trained Staff
Personal Connection Dialer (max productivity)
Real-time reports & dashboards (desktop & mobile)
Simple implementation (we call/ update your list)
Ongoing campaigns (your CRM or ours)

Content Marketing

Targets a list of customers to call and delivers relevant content to them

Big Data

Leverages CRM data and analytics to strengthen customer relationships

Your Outbound Call Strategy

Drive Engagement

Ensures that customers are familiarized with your company's story and message

Conversion Rate Optimization

Adds value to your leads with personalized interactions