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5 Great Customer Service Apps for Your Business

customer service appsCustomer service is critical to any successful business. While a good customer service experience can lead to potential repeat business, a bad experience can push unhappy customers online to post unflattering reviews about your company, which can harm your brand.

Any negative reviews that show up in search or social media can cause a ripple effect that may result in lost business opportunities in the future, and depending on the severity of the complaint(s), it may cause current customers to question if maintaining an association with your company is in their best interest.

Here are 5 customer service apps that will help you get organized and improve the overall experience for your valued clients:

Parature for Facebook

Parature for Facebook is an app that allows businesses to handle customer service tasks right from within the world’s most popular social media platform: Facebook.

Parature is an indispensable tool for companies that already have a large Facebook following. For businesses with less reach, it can help them establish and grow an audience.

With over 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook, Parature can potentially help you cover a large portion of your customer support.’s help desk software is specifically designed for small businesses. It creates a “centralized inbox” where all customer interactions are stored and managed.

The application pulls data from various channels (e.g. Twitter and Facebook), and integrates that information seamlessly into their platform, making customer service easy and straightforward.

Businesses no longer have to organize multiple customer service inquiry channels, which can save time and money in the long run.

The Employee App

The Employee App is designed to help small businesses organize their customer support system much more efficiently, helping them to connect and facilitate communication with their employees.

Features that make this app a must-have for small businesses include: customizable dashboards, secure employee database integration, and a social media-style news feed that allows app users to view documents, multimedia, events, and an enhanced analytics platform.

Get Satisfaction

The only thing better than a knowledgeable customer service staff is a whole network of experienced individuals willing to help customers.

As part of Sprinklr’s “Experience Cloud,” Get Satisfaction accomplishes this goal by creating a space where customer service agents and past clients can interact with new customers, creating a small community of individuals who can help out with any problems or concerns customers may have.

Additionally, as most of this information is user-generated, small businesses can save on time and money.

Help Scout

Help Scout is customer service software that blends automation with personalized customer service experiences. It not only reduces the number of repetitive tasks for workers but helps keep customers happy and satisfied.

Help Scout has built-in collaboration features to keep staff productive and on the same page. Reports help to measure overall team performance and monitor overall customer happiness.

All these features free up your customer support staff so they can focus on delivering excellent customer service experiences.

To Sum Up

These 5 customer service apps are all good choices for businesses that are looking to improve the quality and reach of their customer service efforts. 

However, it’s highly recommended that you weigh all of your options before coming to a final decision by first consulting with a qualified customer service provider.