Providing a reliable and consistent customer service experience each and every time is the key critical component to meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

customer service tips and tricksA positive customer service experience goes a long way in fostering and sustaining meaningful life-long relationships with clients, and as a call center agent, your ability to demonstrate proper customer service etiquette is an absolute must in this role. Often times, a customer’s first interaction will go through you initially, so it’s your responsibility to make a good first impression on behalf of the company you represent.

Here are 8 customer service tips and tricks for call center support agents:

Tip #1: Clarify Client Complaints

Try gaining a clear understanding of the client’s issue before jumping into problem-solving mode. Most clients will either be frustrated, impatient (or both), so you have to ensure clear communication throughout the conversation to gain a clear enough understanding.

Start with the questions – Who, What, Where, When, and How – to gain some insight, then follow that up with some additional questions to help steer the conversation towards a solution that solves their specific needs.

Tip #2: Empathy, Not Sympathy

Let clients know right from the start that you’re there to listen and help. Give them some reassurance that you’ll be putting in your best effort to resolve their problem.

Listen, acknowledge their concerns (apologize if necessary), and do your best to relay any and all relevant information.

Tip #3: Positivity and Patience

As a call center agent, you’ll have to get used to the occasional customer who feels the need to yell, curse, and complain. However, that should never affect the way you respond towards them. 

Try approaching each call with the right attitude, use positive language, and aim to finish each call on a good note. Patience is a virtue; learn it, and you’ll excel at this job. Lose it, and you’ll need to find another line of work.

Tip #4: Efficiency…Efficiency!

We can’t emphasize this enough. A happy customer is one whose issues have been resolved in a timely manner (and it’s your job!).

To achieve this, try:

  • Paying full attention to the client as they’re explaining the situation
  • Having as much first-hand knowledge of the products and services as you can
  • Being adept at navigating information databases to find answers you don’t know
  • Providing information as fast as possible, but with an eye for accuracy

Trick #1: Beginner? (Shhh, Don’t Let the Client Know!)

Why? Because the client’s confidence that you’ll be able to effectively resolve their problem will diminish somewhat if they know you’re a newbie at the job. Exude confidence and your client will believe in your ability to help them.

Trick #2: Always Use a Natural Speaking Voice

A relaxed voice and cadence of speech goes a long way in appeasing agitated customers, so try sounding as calm and natural as you can. Your conversations will flow much easier, and the customer service experience will be that much better.

Trick #3: Take Notes

It’s easier to make quick notes on the steps you took while serving a customer on a call as opposed to trying to recall everything they told you from memory.

Make notes in a notepad file during the call, then simply append them to your call log. Be as thorough and detailed as possible.

Trick #4: When in Doubt, Ask!

If you’re not sure about something, ask someone! Putting clients on hold to obtain the correct answer is preferable to being quick to respond and giving out inaccurate information.

Try having all the information you need readily accessible to you at all times and don’t be afraid to ask someone. Your job depends on it!

To Sum Up

Striving to provide a quality customer service experience to each client should be the number one priority working as a customer service agent.

Always approach clients in a positive manner, ensure consistency, be knowledgeable, learn new skills, and always work towards refining your craft.

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