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5 Best Hiring Practices You Need to Start Implementing

hiring practicesFinding the right people for your business can be difficult. This is why third-party recruitment partners are hot in the market today. They help businesses target ideal employees from a vast pool of applicants. By combining and tailoring effective hiring practices, they get you the right people.

Here are 5 hiring practices to help you find the right workers for the jobs you’re offering:

Pre-Employment Assessments

Pre-employment assessments save time when you have a lot of applicants to sift through. These tests gather basic data about an applicant to see if they meet your position requirements.

For example, aptitude tests measure a person’s general intelligence, while personality tests give you a general idea of a person’s behavioral tendencies, and skill tests check if an applicant possesses the necessary skill set for a job.

You can also administer pre-employment tests online. If a person does not meet the necessary requirements, they’ll be filtered out automatically.

Multiple Interviews

Multiple interviews will also help you select the right person for the job. Having more than one interview lets you get to know the person better, see if they’re reliable for multiple appointments, and ask questions related to different areas.

Panel interviews can help you gain perspective on the applicant from other interviewers, which helps you avoid hiring mistakes and increases assessment accuracy.

Front-line interviews can also save you time. You’ll be able to screen out applicants who don’t pass the initial interview phase.

Look for Humble, Hungry & Smart

Humble, hungry, and smart are 3 characteristics to look for in an applicant.

An employee like this focuses on the company’s goal instead of themself. They have a hunger for learning and going beyond the minimum expectations. They also possess common sense and high emotional intelligence.

Hire for Cultural Fit

You also want to hire someone who naturally fits in. Possessing the right skills and experience is simply not enough these days.

Someone with an impressive resume might have issues with the company’s culture, and if their personality doesn’t fit in with the rest of the group, it might be a bad idea to hire them. You’ll end up with disgruntled employees, and worst yet, hurt your company’s culture and values in the process.

Hire Veterans

Hiring veterans is a smart choice. Veterans have already been through rigorous training, so their experience could be an asset to your workforce, and they’ve developed essential soft skills such as leadership and teamwork.

In addition, hiring veterans could help your business earn tax credits.

To Sum Up

Using these effective hiring practices brings in great employees, and great employees can help your company achieve excellence. You can further streamline the process by using one of these hiring tools.

As international HR expert Dr. John Sullivan points out: “The revenue impact of a great hire can be in the millions.”

Image Credit: The Hire Talent