life after the military

5 Job Ideas for Life After The Military

life after the militaryAfter years of military service, many servicemen and women often wonder how they’ll make the transition to life after the military. Veterans who’ve grown accustomed to a highly structured military routine find that acclimating to civilian life is more challenging than they initially thought.

One particular problem arises when veterans attempt to start a new career. It’s difficult finding an occupation that matches their interests and specific skill set, especially if all they’ve ever been exposed to was the military life. However, there are several careers that place a premium on the various skills they’ve acquired.

Here are a few job ideas to consider when making the transition to life after the military:

Become a Management Consultant

If you were a high ranking military official, or have a bachelor’s degree in business management, you’re most likely qualified for a management consultant position.

Your military experience and ability to manage time, resources, personnel, and information are solid examples of management skills.

Become a Teacher

There are a number of programs and organizations that can help you start a career as a teacher.

If you want to teach like thousands of other veterans have done, a program called the Troops to Teachers (TTT) program can help you obtain your teaching certification and locate the best available positions.

Work in the Construction Industry

There are tons of construction jobs in the country and overseas ranging from plumbers to electricians, carpenters to administrators, and much more.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that many construction companies often prefer veterans due to their dogged determination, disciplined nature, and physical/mental toughness.

Jump into Customer Service

While some struggle in customer service roles, the teamwork and problem solving skills taught in the military could make customer service a great fit for you.

Often times, employees are allowed to work remotely, which means you won’t miss out on important family events, and you’ll be able to spend more time with your loved ones at home.

Become a Handyman

Handyman work may suite veterans because of the physical demands required to perform the position. This is one employment opportunity where you’ll often get to call the shots.

You can work as an independent contractor, or for a property management company. The types of jobs available in this field include: plumbing, painting, carpentry, electrical, installations, and maintenance.

To Sum Up

Having served in the military is an impressive achievement and provides you with a certain amount of leverage, which you should use to your advantage when seeking new employment opportunities.

Learn to highlight the skills you’ve developed while serving in the military as they’re very valuable (and applicable) to any work setting. Also, take advantage of the various employment programs and opportunities that are afforded to you.