providing excellent customer service examplesWhen you read about companies providing excellent customer service, some of them may seem too good to be true.

Maybe the problem wasn’t too difficult to begin with, or maybe the company rarely receives complaints and that’s why they were able to respond quickly. >However, anyone who works at customer service knows it’s never that easy.

72% of businesses claim that their top priority is to improve the customer experience, so they spend several hours developing, implementing, and practicing the right methods to provide excellent customer service. But as we all know, customer service differs from brand-to-brand and industry-to-industry.

What are some good examples of providing excellent customer service you can draw inspiration from for your company? Let’s first define what constitutes ‘good customer service’.

What is Good Customer Service?

A simple definition of good customer service is responding to all customers’ requests and feedback in the shortest amount of time while making the experience as pleasant and professional as possible for both parties.
Notice there are two facets for good customer service: speed and quality. You can have one without the other, but you should always aim for both. Think it’s not possible?

Here are some legendary customer service examples to draw inspiration from:

1.) Buffer

Customer service isn’t just about putting out fires; sometimes, it’s also about engaging with your customers.

Buffer is a social media management program that allows users to post across several social platforms.

True to their brand, Buffer is one of the most responsive and feedback-hungry brands out there. They post relevant content for their audience, respond quickly, and often hold social media chats on Twitter to educate and get feedback from their customers.

2.) Canyon

90% of customers say that it’s important that their concerns be addressed immediately. One way this can be mended is to introduce a live chat or chatbot feature.

However, some companies such as Canyon go above and beyond simply responding to their customers quickly.

Canyon Bicycles has a large following from around the world, and a diverse set of customers speaking different languages. They use intelligent chat routing to connect customers to the appropriate customer service representatives that can speak the visitors’ preferred language.

3.) Glossier

Skincare and makeup brand Glossier is popular for their customer-centric business model.

They often ask customers what products they want, and even share upcoming product developments with some of their most loyal followers. It’s no surprise that Glossier also adopts this same attitude towards customer service.

Their customer service team, called the gTEAM, are responsible for responding to customers and engaging with them. Instead of relying on autoresponders or email templates, each email is replied to personally, which thrills customers because a real person is responding to their queries. Not only does it add a personalized touch, it also makes them feel heard.

To Sum Up

The companies mentioned above are all providing excellent customer service examples for you to emulate in your business. They all take a proactive approach by engaging and following up with each of their customers.

Whether it’s responding quickly, anticipating their customers’ needs before they even ask, or providing a personalized experience, all these companies serve as excellent examples of creating good customer service situations and experiences for their valued customers.